Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Step in the Dark

I stepped though the open door.
I watched my breath escape into the cold winter air.
Breathtaking, beautiful.
Like the sound of a piano,
It echoed through the trees that were before me.
I closed the door.
The sound was a C Major in my A minor symphony.
For a second I felt a drop of rain.
It soon turned to snow.
I looked up.
I seemed to move toward the cloud covered moon.
The darkness did not cause me to tremble upon this night.
Something was different.
One snow flake caught my eye.
It floated slowly though the air.
Soon to blend in with the ridged pavement.
Then to go back up to the clouds that formed it.
Over and over.
Then I took it.
I made my choice.
It only took one step.
A Step in the Dark.

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