Friday, December 12, 2008

He Lives

My life you ask? :)

Here you go-

He wakes up every morning.
He puts on his favorite old shoes.
He goes to work.
He works on smiling :)
He loves his job for the most part.
He loves making people laugh.
He works on his memory.
He love his friends, the ones he has left.
He misses his old friends that have moved away.
Sometimes he dreams of the times that used to be.
He knows that someone has a plan for him.
He's trying to find a way.
A way to him.
Will it take him away?
Or will it keep him here?
He has a lot to work on.
He is in love with his Savior.
He is in love with a melody.
He is in love with a photograph.
He closes his eyes.
He falls asleep.
He dreams.
He died.
So I could LIVE.
I live.
I love.

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