Friday, February 20, 2009

The Last Sky Ball

The sky was clear, the air was cold and the stars glowed bright. Nathan
and Cole approached the local Wal-Mart with intentions to purchase a
new iPod, because of Nathan's semi-broken iPod at home. They entered
the store and began to wander in the direction of the electronics
section. Of course on the way they were distracted by several things:
movies, food, board games, video games and a few television seasons on
sale for only 19.85 + tax. Then they found the iPod, Cole and Nathan
discussed the situation for a while and decided to look around the
store a few more times before deciding anything.

browsing the toy section Nathan and Cole came across the Star
Wars/Action Figure Section. In this Star Wars Section something caught
their eyes. The Star Wars Bobble Heads. One of Darth Vader, Anikin
Skywalker, and one of Yoda. Cole reached for the Anikin one, when he
came to find a little device, a ball to be precise. It was yellow and
hollow. On the front were two large words, Sky Ball. This interested
them. Cole dropped the ball only to find that the ball bounced all the
way up back to his hand. Nathan smiled, and asked Cole to bounce the
ball all the way to the ceiling. Cole declined this offer and told
Nathan that he didn't want to be kicked out of Wal-Mart this night.
Nathan laughed and told Cole that nothing would come of it if he
bounced it off the ceiling. Cole still declined. Nathan wanted one of
these balls, however he wanted one in the color of red. The quest for
the Sky Balls began.

Cole and Nathan ventured through Wal-Mart for about 20 minutes.
Looking in every section for the Sky Balls, they were met with no
success. They checked every price tag, every isle, every corner as Cole
happily bounced the ball all though the store. Finally Nathan and Cole
came up with an idea. They should ask where these Sky Balls are
located. They had to find the yellow Sky Ball's friends (preferably the
red ones). Nathan walked up to a Wal-Mart worker, and asked him where
he would find such a device. The man looked at Nathan and Cole in
disbelief, then smiled, and said he thought he knew where they were.

Finally they came to the spot where all of the other balls were
kept. He pointed down to a tag that read, "SKY BALL" The box above was
empty. Nathan and Cole were saddened upon this discovery, however
before tears could form, the man reached behind them on a shelf and
pulled out a Red Sky Ball from behind some other toys. Nathan was
enlightened by this. Cole was ecstatic. Nathan and Cole smiled as we
thanked the man, he left. Nathan dropped his Red Sky Ball. It seemed to
bounce farther than Cole's yellow Sky Ball. Nathan challenged Cole to a
Sky Ball bounce. They held the two Sky Balls up in the air. Nathan said
on the count of three. 1... 2... just as they were about to say three a
young woman walked around the corner carrying, yes, another Red Sky
Ball. Nathan and Cole acted as if they were doing nothing that had to
do with bouncing Sky Balls. She looked at them after returning the
other Red Sky Ball to it's rightful home, and spoke. She said, "Excuse
me, you're not supposed to bounce those balls in here." she spoke this
so seriously, that Nathan and Cole took it as a joke. Nathan started to
chuckle. He asked if she was serious. She didn't laugh at all, all she
did was point at the ceiling above them. They slowly looked up to see
three of the ceiling panels dented and bent. The young woman turned and
walked away. Nathan and Cole made their way to self checkout with their
new Sky Ball friends. Now Nathan and Cole own the two Sky Balls to
always remind them, to not bounce a Sky Ball in Wal-Mart.

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